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Common Acoustical Issues in Home Theatres

While your home theatre may already have excellent sound and video equipment, have you considered the impact that bad acoustics have on your personal movie space?

Generally rooms that have parallel walls and a low ceiling without any acoustical consideration are muddy in the bass and lack definition. Dialogue can be hard to understand and seems unbalanced with the underscore. The overall sound is not clean or defined. The sound image field, especially with surround sound, is masked and smeared.


The popular view of acoustical treatment involves soft products that absorb sound. While we apply this concept as well, we augment it with diffusion.

Diffusion not only absorbs sound waves but also scatters them. This redirects problem reflections and minimizes them, while at the same time leaving a natural sound in the space. This occurs at all frequencies, especially in the bass, fundamental frequency range, which is harder to control and reduce or attenuate.

There are numerous forms of diffusion available and most are more costly than absorption. CS Acoustics uses a diffusion system that incorporates multiple units in tandem with each other and the surrounding surface. As a result we are able to use a much smaller surface area footprint than absorption panels and yield a greater amount of reduction at a competitive price.

Absorption does not reduce the lower / bass frequencies by a significant enough amount. If problematic fundamental frequencies are addressed correctly, mid and high harmonics are balanced. This is removing reflections across the 20 - 20k Hz frequency spectrum.


When the frequency response is flatter or balanced and a room is free of problem reflections sound is more consistent everywhere in the room. The bass is cleaner, louder and more punchier.

Any underscore music or ambient effects are defined and fuller. The room has better imaging throughout and even the quietest moments become articulate.

With the right balance of acoustical treatment in your home theatre space, you will be amazed how much more detail you hear! You will have to watch all your movies over again to enjoy a new level of entertainment!

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Above is a panorama of a home based, high end drum studio.

Home Music Room

Many musicians have a private music or recording space for jamming, practicing and enjoying their instruments.

If you have the desire to record or just practice and jam, without meeting your neighbours, applying the correct acoustical treatment reduces the amount of sound escaping from your space. While isolating a space is different from actually treating the room, if the room energy is reduced, there is less to escape.

Our approach of applying diffusion along with absorption yields great results to reduce the sound level in the room. In addition the listening area is more defined; bass is cleaner and more articulate while the mids and highs have a sweeter, larger soundscape.

If you have invested in a special room for your cherished instruments, our acoustical treatment may just make you fall in love with your instruments all over again!


Case Study: Rock the Drums

Type of room: In home, recording / teaching studio

Rock the Drums is a new, up and coming private drum studio in Kitchener, ON.

The space offers two 11 piece Tama double kick sets for recording and teaching.

CS Acoustics applied a dense combination of absorption in tandem with some unique applications of diffusion. Treatment was applied to all walls and the ceiling. As a result sound in the room is significantly more defined, allowing for much better tracking when recording. The overall sound pressure level (SPL) was decreased by 25 dB!

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