Loud workplace noise levels can be caused by a lack of isolation between rooms, highly reverberant and reflective materials or awkward room designs. We consider walls and ceilings as sound amplifiers. Echoes bounce between surfaces lingering in the space longer than appropriate, adding to the noise level in the room. To hear and speak in a loud environment, each party escalates their voice adding to the noise in the area. Loud HVAC, improperly sealed doors and windows or uninsulated walls all contribute to noisy, poorly isolated work spaces.

Our noise management specialty is low frequency reduction and overall ambient noise level management. Most forms of acoustical treatment cannot reduce the lower frequencies to the sufficient amount usually required for high noise level situations. We have developed a solution that can provide a greater amount of sound reduction and isolation. Our approach is to break down fundamental frequency wave fronts. This can eliminate standing waves and multiple order reflections that excite the whole frequency spectrum and transmit through walls and other boundary materials.

A loud environment is fatiguing and counter productive. By removing the foundational ambient issues, you will be amazed how much more enjoyable and calmer it is to function in your workspace.

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