Industrial noise levels can be caused by a wide variety of machinery and noisy ambient environments. In a space that is highly reverberant and reflective any amount of noise is amplified. There are numerous considerations to be assessed in each application. If you have a high noise level in your workplace as a result of the acoustical room issue, we can help.

The acoustic principles we apply work especially well for low frequency reduction and overall ambient noise level management. Most forms of acoustical treatment cannot reduce the lower frequencies to the sufficient amount usually required for high noise level situations. We use a solution that can attenuate greater amounts of reduction than typically considered.

Our approach to noise management is all about how to break down fundamental frequency wave fronts. This can address standing waves and multiple order reflections that excite the whole frequency spectrum.

Loudness is fatiguing and counter productive. By removing the foundational ambient issues in your space we can also relieve potential hearing damage situations that may be deemed as unsafe work environments

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