Acoustical Issues in Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

Sunday school classrooms and meeting rooms often get ignored acoustically.

Many of these types of spaces are loud and reflective.

Whether it is block walls or drywall on all surfaces, it’s fatiguing to listen and communicate in a smaller, reflective spaces.

With an increasing number of children having learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders or Central Auditory Processing (CAPS) issues, the ambient nature of even a smaller room is critical. Behavior is often more boisterous and agitated. Teaching in a loud environment is also fatiguing reducing the effectiveness of the message being presented.

If what is bring presented has value, acoustical consideration should be given to a space of this nature.

Classroom Case Study:

Client: Breakthroughs In Learning - Waterloo, ON

Type of Rooms: private therapy rooms. Sizes range from 9’ x 12’ (3m x 5m) to 14' x 20' (4.5m x 6.5m).

Breakthroughs in Learning specializes in assessing and providing solutions to children and adults who struggle with learning and comprehension. They also provide assistance to improve memory and other mental processes.

They have been successful in helping those with brain injuries, learning disabilities and other related disorders that many assume have no solution or relief.

In addition they have a department that offers career counseling using their unique assessment methods.


CS Acoustics installed varying degrees of acoustical treatment throughout multiple classrooms. The results include:

* Increased sound isolation between rooms

* Elimination of echoes / reflections within each room

* Significantly reduced ambient noise floor - clients are less distracted.

* Therapists are less fatigued.

* Any person with hearing challenges can hear better.

* Clients are more attentive and sessions are more effective.

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